Why Maryola?

Maryola was born in Barcelona and we want to tell you why it has this name. Why Maryola?

Because of María Yolanda, my grandmother. Maryola was born thanks to this special person and when we think of Maryola we can only describe her as energy and love.

I started knitting because I wanted to find a hobby and I ended up finding a passion that connects me to her.


All Maryola products are handmade with the greatest care and dedication that can be given to something you love. 

Our goal is to provide you with a quality product, durable and unique, that when you receive it and have a Maryola in your hands you feel the best energy and intention with which I design each one of them.

Thank you for knowing Maryola, and for supporting us in this great path of creating a brand with consciousness.



"Beautiful soul, I want today to be the day you discover your light, your infinite potential and your favorite Maryola, the universe conspires in your favor, because you don't need it, you deserve it."